The most comprehensive suite of tools for smart contract development

End-to-end development

Quickly build, test, debug, and deploy using the Truffle CLI. Write scripts and plugins to automate common processes. Interact directly with the blockchain using the Truffle console. Write tests in Solidity, JavaScript, and TypeScript. Use console.log to get fast insights into your code. Truffle will manage your entire workflow.

Best-in-class debugging

Get a deeper understanding of transactions with the Truffle debugger. Step in/out, set breakpoints, and analyze variables through the CLI and the native VS Code debugger. Debug mainnet transactions by stepping through verified contract source code. Truffle will give you the best view into what's happening.

Faster, easier, and safer Ethereum simulation

Bring up a local blockchain with pre-funded accounts for fast testing with Truffle’s Ganache. Fork mainnet with zero-config, impersonate accounts, auto-mine blocks, and use Ganache programmatically with Node.js. Print variables for quick analysis using console.log and Vyper’s print. Ganache lets you customize a local blockchain for quick testing and simulation of production environments.

UX-centered design

Manage your entire workflow through the VS Code extension. Build, deploy, visually debug, and bring up your testing environment all without touching the CLI. Surface your most important smart contract artifacts in one UI. Truffle keeps the developer experience front and center.


Deploy contracts and sign transactions with your wallet using Truffle Dashboard. With Truffle, you don't have to risk exposing your private keys. In partnership with ConsenSys Diligence we're bringing “Continuous Security” to your projects. Diligence's best-in-class tooling offers automated security analysis, fuzzing, and visualization, helping you easily adopt security best practices.

Robust L1 & L2 support

Develop on any EVM and Ethereum JSON-RPC compatible chain. Truffle lets you build on Ethereum, Optimism, Arbitrum, Avalanche, and much more.