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We've moved our github repo!

We recently released Truffle 3.0 in February to much fanfare. As part of that release we separated our codebase into multiple different modules to make integrating with Truffle easier. Those modules now live in the github repository, which hints at our broader mission of providing a comprehensive suite of tools for Ethereum development.

But something was missing...

We forgot Truffle! The main Truffle repository -- including the Truffle command line tool -- remained at it's old Consensys location while its modules hung out at their new digs. We thought to ourselves: That just wouldn't do. So, as matter of announcement, Truffle has officially moved. It's new home is

Wait, there's more.

The Truffle Suite repository will soon be filling up with more open-source tools to make your Ethereum development life easier. We're not ready to announce what those are yet, but stay tuned for some awesome announcements in the coming weeks.

While you're here.

While we're announcing things, we should let you know we have a new Twitter account: @trufflesuite. Feel free to reach out to use there for all your Truffle needs.

Au revoir for now!

-- Tim