Learn Ethereum The Fun Way with our Pet Shop Tutorial

Here at Truffle we want to make Ethereum development accessible to developers of all stripes. To that end, today we're releasing a new tutorial called Pet Shop. It covers the entire local development process, start to finish. For added fun, we've tied the whole thing together within the narrative of creating a pet adoption dapp for a local pet shop owner.

Here's a preview of what's covered:

  • Setting up The Development Environment
  • Creating a Truffle Project using a Truffle Box
  • Writing and Testing a Smart Contract
  • Creating a UI to Interact with our Smart Contract

By then end of the tutorial you'll have a shiny new dapp with which you can reserve pets for adoption.

The Completed Pet Shop Dapp

In the future we'll be building on this tutorial with others such as deploying to live testnets and additional, more advanced functionality. We hope you enjoy and thank everyone for your support!

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-- Josh & the Truffle Team