One hundred documentation pull requests? Yes please.

Greetings! The Truffle team has been growing over the course of the last year. From a single developer, we are now a team of five (soon to be even more), which means that we can spread the work around.

As a new full-time member of the team, I've first taken to looking at our existing materials to ensure that everything is up-to-date and working well.

For example, our website, a public GitHub repository, had been receiving pull requests (PRs) for the better part of a year, and they had been languishing for want of someone to go through them.

We're not talking a few or even a dozen. We're talking almost 100 PRs.

All I can say is: wow.

I've been working in the open source software world for about a decade, and I've never seen so many people freely offering suggestions to documentation. As we all ruefully know, documentation can be first to go out of date and last to be updated, so knowing that our community is keeping such an eagle eye on even minute details says a lot.

And I do mean minute details. When one of our tutorials wrote "tag a stab" instead of "take a stab", not less than ten of you took the time to submit pull requests telling us so.

Take a stab, indeed

Take a stab indeed

Make no mistake: this is good thing. I believe in the Broken Windows theory as it applies to documentation. We want to fix up the small things now so we can maintain the larger things more easily in the future.

We have big plans for our content here, just like we have big plans for Truffle. (Check out the new features coming in Truffle 4 (!) And note that we have since separated out the website source code to its own repository to make submissions easier for the community.

I'm happy to be part of a community that cares about what we're doing, reducing the bar to developing Ethereum dapps, and making them delicious.

As for your suggestions on how we can serve you even better? Please keep them coming. Submit a pull request to our documentation, reach out on Twitter, or let us know if there's something we can improve by raising a GitHub issue.

Need help with something? Reach out on our community GitHub Discussions channel, where hundreds of your fellow Trufflers congregate to answer your questions.

-- Mike & the Truffle team

Mike Pumphrey is an Enterprise Trainer at ConsenSys working on the Truffle team. With over a dozen years of experience in documentation, support, and training, Mike is passionate about making technical concepts understandable to a wider audience. He believes that great software can only be great when people know how to use it, and is excited to be bringing clarity to a field as exciting and new as blockchain.