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Sunsetting Truffle Teams

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N.B: we published an earlier version of this blogpost with an incorrect timeline. Truffle Teams will be sunset on September 10, 2021.

After a 2 year long road, we're sunsetting Truffle Teams (effective September 10th, 2021).

The journey began when Truffle was an independent company. It extended our reach from dapp development into dapp maintenance. We've gained valuable insights about the state of blockchain devops, the most desirable parts of our tools, and a new clarity around our core competencies.

As an independent company, Truffle Teams was integral to building a business for the long-term, but it came with some costly tradeoffs. Over time the resources required to develop and maintain it were too great, taking time away from development of our open-source tools and eventually taking time away from supporting tasks like ecosystem engagement and development. This was unsustainable.

Another important factor made this sunsetting possible: The acquisition of Truffle Suite by ConsenSys Software granted us greater supporting resources and freed us from monetary metrics. Which leads us to some good news! We are reaffirming our commitment to having the best-in-class open-source blockchain developer tools.

What about paid subscribers?

All active Pro and Enterprise tier users will receive a refund of 1 month and recurring billings will cease. If you don't see a refund within 5 days (Paddle's processing time), email us at [email protected].

What about my data?

All user data will be deleted 30 days following the date of shut down (September 10th 2021). Be sure to request your data before this time, otherwise we'll be unable to guarantee recovery. If you would like a dump of your data, email us at [email protected].

All user data will be deleted on September 10th, 2021. Make sure to request your data before this time, otherwise we'll be unable to recover it.

The afterlife is open-source

Parts of Truffle Teams will be making their way into our open-source tools! We're happy to share one right now--repackaging the visual debugger as a plugin that allows you to launch an instance from within Truffle. Truffle Teams provided greater context around your dapps activity thanks to its GUI. Being able to pull up a list of transactions from a Ganache instance, filter by failures, and clicking a debug button was one of the better workflows that we're proud to integrate with our open-source suite.

These repurposed bits will all be open-source, so you can check out the truffle-plugin-debugger repository here.

the Truffle Teams visual debugger--coming to Truffle!
The Truffle Teams visual debugger--coming to Truffle!

If there are other features you'd like to see again, for example the deployments screen or contract manager, let us know!


The Truffle Suite Team