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Truffle Community Updates - Improving Developer Engagement

By Emily Lin

At Truffle, we understand that our product is only as strong as our community. A vibrant community gives us a consistent feedback loop that helps us understand and solve developers’ most challenging pain-points. Ultimately, our job is to make development as painless as possible, because the success of Web3 relies on those imagining and building the next generation of dapps! This post explains the steps Truffle is taking in order to grow and connect with the dapp developer community.

GitHub Discussions and Issues

In our previous blog post, Introducing Github Discussions!, we talked about streamlining support as our first step to supporting the developer community. However, these channels not only help developers in their existing workflows, but also provide opportunities for them to give feedback on and contribute to Truffle’s open source code.

GitHub Discussions includes an “ideas” category to provide a platform for Trufflers to spitball and ruminate over different tooling improvements. Similarly, Github Issues allows developers to create explicit feature requests or contribute to Truffle’s codebase themselves to help us build as fast as possible.

We are in the process of tightening the feedback loop for improving Truffle’s tooling by putting it all in one place: our GitHub!


We’re also working on shifting Discord’s purpose towards project discussions, general community engagement, and the latest happenings at Truffle by retiring #truffle-support.

Discord should be a place for you to gush over the latest project you’re working on. Or connect with fellow Trufflers interested in building alongside you, and talk about how Truffle is helping you in your developer journey!

Join our Discord, and tell us all about it! We’re so excited to see how the Web3 community is learning and growing.

Community Calls

Improving developer engagement does not only entail fostering the relationships between community members, but also ensures that there is a strong, direct relationship with the Truffle team itself! That’s why we’re starting a monthly Community Call that will be a live stream covering a variety of topics such as:

  1. Live-coded workshops so you can learn and watch us troubleshoot any bugs.
  2. Direct interactions and interviews through chat with our team about what Truffle is doing.
  3. Developer highlights that feature those dreaming and building big in the Web3 space.

Our first live stream had over 1,700+ live attendees and 300+ replays. We can’t wait to see this grow over time. Our first official Community Be sure to follow us on Twitter to be informed on our next one and how to register!

IRL Events

Truffle is also upping its presence at various conferences, as we recognize there exist intangible moments IRL to connect with our community. There’s nothing like meeting face-to-face to learn and support each other as we grow the Truffle community. Lines of communication are clearer, questions can be answered more quickly, and of course, Truffle swag is distributed for you to represent your favorite developer tools! Our involvement with EthShanghai and NFT.NYC has been invaluable, and we’d love to meet you guys at F3STIVAL, EthCC, and Devcon. Again, follow us on Twitter to get the latest on hackathon bounties we’re offering or simply just catching us in person!

Educational Content

Web3 will not grow unless developers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to create dapps. Truffle is leveling up its content production - bringing you educational tutorials, demos, and best practices through YouTube, TikTok, blogs, and guides. Stay tuned for partner content too as Truffle will be featured in the Decrypt Web3 Dev Series and is currently featured in Eat The Blocks and Clever Programmer.

Truffle’s mandate is to do whatever it takes to build a better ecosystem. We were the first smart contract developer tooling to ever exist, putting out the canonical Pet Shop tutorial to build your first dapp.

We’re ecstatic to see how much the space has grown and changed over the years and recognize a need for a Pet Shop refresh. Keep an eye out for “web3-unleashed” - a call-back to our roots and new educational series that will teach and refine your smart contract development skills through a series of relevant applications, taking you from beginner to expert to dive into the world of Web3!

Get involved!

There’s a never-ending amount of things to learn, do, and contribute to Web3, and here at Truffle, we’re excited to be with builders every step of the way. Let us know how we can make your lives easier by submitting ideas and feedback through GitHub discussions and issues.

Learn and grow with fellow developers on Truffle’s Discord channels. Join our Community Call to directly engage with the Truffle team. And, as we publish content, be on the lookout for participation-based NFTs, and let us know how we can help sharpen your developer skills!