Try New Features First with Truffle Teams Early Access

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Truffle Teams is constantly evolving. Between adding new features, polishing, and refining the app there's so much we'd love to share with the world in a faster way. Wouldn't it be nice to take those new enhancements and features for a test drive? Now you can with early access!

Enabling Early Access from the settings screen
Enable early access with just one click!
## How Early Access Works To join early access, select the Early Access option in the Advanced tab via the account Settings Page. This account will now have access to new features and enhancements we're cooking up. First up is a hotly anticipated feature--the debugger, [which you can learn more about here](/blog/debug-quickly-and-in-context-with-truffle-teams-new-debugger). We'll provide a helpful reminder as to where you can provide feedback and request support. Your feedback is one of the most important parts of this process, and we're excited to hear from you in the earlier phases of development! Want to switch back to the stable track? You can disable Early Access at any time, but anything that requires data storage will be erased. We hope you enjoy getting a taste of what's to come! ## Continue the Conversation We want Truffle Teams to be the most effective DevOps tool in the blockchain space for both new and existing teams. Let us know what you think about the new deployment views, or if your team has other needs we haven't met yet. Continue the conversation with your fellow Trufflers in our Slack community! Thanks! _Josh Quintal, Head of Product & Marketing_