Unwrap the Corda Flavored Ganache Beta


The Corda flavor is deprecated and has been removed from Ganache UI in v2.7.0. See the release notes for details.

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Earlier this year at TruffleCon we announced our partnership with Corda to develop a Corda Flavored Ganache. Then, at CordaCon in London we shared more details around the integration.

Today, we are proud to share with you the beta release is live!

As a quick refresher: Ganache is Truffle's "one click blockchain" that allows you to run a test network for local development. You don't need an internet connection and because it's all on the same machine, Ganache allows users to see the status of the network in greater detail than on a live network.

Corda Flavored Ganache startup screen
The workspace selection screen--now with Corda!

We're thrilled to release Ganache for the Corda Blockchain, as this lowers the barrier of entry for Corda developers by allowing them to easily set up a local network on their machines, giving introspection into the state of that network across various nodes and visibility to transactions normally hidden by a live Corda network's privacy protections.

With the Beta version, Corda Flavored Ganache brings you:

  • One-click Corda network configuration and initialization, so you can focus on what matters most: your application.
  • Easy access to all your application's data, including network map, notaries, nodes, transactions, and states.
  • Multiple workspaces for all of your Corda projects; workspaces contain configurations of a Corda network map, notaries, nodes, transactions, accounts, and ledgers.

As always, Truffle's tools come standard on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

We are excited to share this with the Corda community and we also need to your help! Since this is a Beta release, we know it's not perfect. If you find a bug, do us a favor and file an issue here.

✉️ Sign up for the Corda Flavored Ganache mailing list here to get the latest updates on all things Ganache + Corda.

If you don't hear from us immediately, know that our team is taking some much needed time off starting today. We'll be back January 6th, 2020 ready to dive into your feedback!

If you see them around the net, make sure to give a HUGE thank you to David Murdoch and Nick Paterno. Their hard work made this all possible and we're a very fortunate organization to have them aboard! 💖

Try the Corda Flavored Ganache beta and let us know what you think!