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You Can Now Make Your Own Truffle Box

Two months ago we unveiled official integration with Truffle Boxes, example Ethereum applications and/or boilerplates that put complimentary tools and libraries into sweet, easily-downloadable packages. In addition to rolling out some official boxes, released the first community-supported box.

Today we're happy to announce anyone can now make their very own Truffle Box!

Making a Box

To get started making a box, we've added a page to our documentation. For those starting a new box from scratch, we've also created a blueprint Truffle Box to get you started quickly.

The First Wave

We included a call for pre-screening in the community section of our first box rollout and some trailblazers answered the call!

Here are the first community boxes:

This Truffle Box provides a base for working with the Truffle Suite and Angular. It provides a basic working example of the MetaCoin contracts with Angular components. This project is generated with Angular CLI.

In addition to Webpack and React, this box adds: React-Router, Redux and Material-UI for easy skinning of a Dapp.

A Truffle box using SvelteJS and Rollup. This box contains everything you need to start building a smart-contract app.

A truffle box that comes with everything you need to start using smart contracts from a Vue App with Bootstrap styling and components. Supporting frameworks include Vuex, Vue-Router & Bootstrap 4 (via Bootstrap-Vue) and webpack. The sample uses webpack-dev-server for hot-reloading or you can build and serve from express.

Check out the full list of boxes here.

A huge thank you to our entire community! We're humbled by your dedication and excited to see what's in store for the future.

-- Josh & the Truffle Team