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You Decide - Pipeline or Table View in Truffle Teams' Refreshed Deployments Manager

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With Truffle Teams, you can manage multiple deployed instances of your smart contracts across different networks. We’ve heard mixed feedback about this workflow and are updating it accordingly: adding a table view and a deployment details page. We're also offering more insight into each deployment, by providing the cost and console output.

What’s New with Deployments?

Our first iteration of Visual Deployments revolved around a pipeline view, with your commits on the left hand side and a production network on the right. While some do use and appreciate this type of workflow, many have only a single production instance, and having an entire column just for this doesn’t make sense for those use cases. With that in mind, we’re offering a new table view, so you can see all of your deployed instances even more quickly and in an uncluttered way. In the future, you’ll also be able to sort and filter this table for even easier access.

The new deployments table view
The new deployments table view--you can still access the card view via the toggle switch in the upper-right.

You’ll also notice that clicking the name of a deployment now goes to a new deployment details screen. This contains the current status of the deployment along with its console output (an oft-requested addition)!

The deployment details screen
The deployment details screen. Notice you can now access the console output!

For more information on the new deployments screen, check out the Truffle Teams Deployments docs.


We want Truffle Teams to be the most effective DevOps tool in the blockchain space for both new and existing teams. Let us know what you think about the new deployment views, or if your team has other needs we haven’t met yet.

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Josh Quintal, Head of Product & Marketing