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Hello Blockchain Sample Application for Azure Blockchain Workbench


The Hello Blockchain application expresses a workflow between a person sending a request and a person responding to the request. The state transition diagram below shows the interactions between the states in this workflow.

Application Roles

Name Description
Requestor The party that initiates the "Hello blockchain!" request
Responder The party that responds to the Requestor


Name Description
Request The state that occurs when a request has been made.
Respond The state that occurs after a response has been made to the request.

Workflow Details

state diagram of workflow

An instance of the Hello Blockchain application's workflow starts in the Request state when a Requestor makes a request. The instance transitions to the Respond state when a Responder sends a response. The instance transitions back again to the Request state when the Requestor makes another request. These transitions continue for as long as a Requestor sends a request and a Responder sends a response.

Application Files