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CITA-Truffle-Box is based on truffle-box to develop and used for developing DApps on CITA. Please refer toour document for more details about CITA.

Notice: This project rewrite truffle migrate part of truffle-box, please read truffle-tutorial first, especially RUNNING MIGRATIONS part.


  1. Install Truffle globally

To use CITA-Truffle-Box, please install truffle.

yarn global add truffle

  1. Download
git clone
cd cita-truffle-box/
rm -rf .git
yarn install


You can configure your box in truffle.js.

The configure options are shown below.

module.exports = {
  networks: {
    development: {
      host: 'ip_address', // eg. ''
      port: 'port', // eg. 1337
      network_id: '*', // Use '*' to match any network id
      privateKey: 'private key', // a string, required
      // the following parameters are OPTIONAL
      // validUntilBlock: 999999, // an int,  default to (current block number)+88
      // nonce: '999', // a string, default to random int
      // quota: 999999, // an int, defaut to 999999
    }, // you can add other network after here


You must use 'development' as the key for now.

  • host[required]
    Specify the host ip_address, don't add protocol name.

  • port[required]
    Specify the host port.

  • network_id[required]
    In order to be compatible with truffle, you have to set this attribute, but it's meaningless here.

  • privateKey [required]
    Your private key for sending transaction.

  • nonce [optional]
    Nonce is a string used to prevent double-spending, default to be a random number from 1 ~ 100. Note that the type of nonce is string.

  • quota [optional]
    Similar to gas in ethereum, default value is 99999.

  • validUntilBlock [optional]
    Similar to timeout, default to be current block height + 88


Compile the smart contract.

truffle compile


First, add your migration scripts in /migration, for the details, please refer RUNNING MIGRATIONS for more details.

Input the command to do migration. (Note that we can NOT use truffle migrate command here...)

yarn migrate