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Harmony Box

Harmony Box is a Truffle box that will get you quickly up and running deploying smart contracts on Harmony using Truffle & native Ethereum tooling.

Getting started


If you have Truffle installed globally:

(Until the box has been approved by Truffle you have to rely on the git installation step below)

mkdir harmony && cd harmony
truffle unbox harmony

Or if you want to install via git:

git clone
cd harmony-box


Copy .env-example to .env:

cp .env-example .env

Modify .env and replace "ENTER_PRIVATE_KEY_HERE" for each network with the respective private key you want to use when deploying contracts.


Install all required dependencies using yarn:

yarn install

The dependencies installed are the following:

  • truffle: if you want to use a local installation rather than a global installation
  • solc: Solidity compiler
  • @trufflesuite/web3-provider-engine: framework for composing custom web3 providers
  • ethereumjs-wallet: a lightweight Ethereum wallet implementation
  • @openzeppelin/contracts: industry standard smart contract templates
  • dotenv: .env file parsing library


Globally installed Truffle:

truffle compile

Locally installed Truffle:

node_modules/.bin/truffle compile


The Harmony Box comes pre-configured with three separate networks:

  • Localnet (http://localhost:9500)
  • Testnet (
  • Mainnet (

To deploy your contracts to these networks, you can run the following:

Globally installed Truffle:

truffle migrate --reset --skip-dry-run --network localnet
truffle migrate --reset --skip-dry-run --network testnet
truffle migrate --reset --skip-dry-run --network mainnet

Locally installed Truffle:

node_modules/.bin/truffle migrate --reset --skip-dry-run --network localnet
node_modules/.bin/truffle migrate --reset --skip-dry-run --network testnet
node_modules/.bin/truffle migrate --reset --skip-dry-run --network mainnet


Globally installed Truffle:

truffle test

Locally installed Truffle:

node_modules/.bin/truffle test


private-provider.js was originally ported from Moonbeam's Truffle Box.