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Nightfall Truffle Box

The easiest way to get started on Nightfall.

Supported hardware & prerequisites

Mac and Linux machines with at least 16GB of memory and 10GB of disk space are supported.

Nightfall requires the following software to run:

  • Docker
  • Launch Docker Desktop (on Mac, it is on the menu bar) and set memory to 8GB with 4GB of swap space (minimum - 12GB memory is better) or 16GB of memory with 512MB of swap. The default values for Docker Desktop will NOT work. No, they really won't.
  • Node (tested with 10.15.3) with npm and node-gyp
  • If running macOS, install Xcode then run xcode-select —install to install command line tools.
  • Note: Currently will not work with node v12. To check the node version, run node --version. If using mac/brew, then you may need to run brew install node@10 and brew link --overwrite node@10 --force
  • Python
  • Be sure npm is setup to use v2.7 of python, not python3. To check the python version, run python --version
  • You may need to run npm config set python /usr/bin/python2.7 (or wherever your python 2 location is)


First ensure you are in a new and empty directory.

  1. Run the unbox command via npx and skip to step 3. This will install all necessary dependencies.

    npx truffle unbox nightfall

  2. Alternatively, you can install Truffle globally and run the unbox command.

    npm install -g truffle
    truffle unbox nightfall

  3. Start Docker.

  4. In the root project directory, we generate the keys and constraint files for our Zero Knowledge Proofs. This is about 7GB and depends on randomness for security. This step can take a while, depending on your hardware (1-3 hours). Before you begin, check once more you have provisioned enough memory for Docker.

    npm run setup

  5. Alternatively, you can generate specific verification keys and constraint files one at time using a prompt.

    npm run setup-prompt

  6. Now, run the development console.

    truffle develop

  7. Compile and migrate the smart contracts. Note inside the development console we don't preface commands with truffle.


  8. Execute the script provided for registering Zero Knowledge Proof verification keys on-chain. Note inside the development console we don't preface commands with truffle.

    exec scripts/registerVks.js

  9. Truffle can run tests written in Solidity or JavaScript against your smart contracts. Note the command varies slightly if you're in or outside of the development console.

    // inside the development console.
    // outside the development console..
    truffle test



This software uses ZoKrates which is licensed under LGPL3.