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Nuxt-box is a truffle box using the Nuxt.js framework to create a Vue.js application that can interact with the smart contracts on Ethereum.

Setup & Installation

  • Install truffle: npm i -g truffle
  • Download the box. This also takes care of installing the necessary dependencies: truffle unbox Paperchain/nuxt-box
  • Install Metamask browser extension

Running the Application

If you have MetaMask set for your browser, configure a 
Custom RPC with address: http://localhost:9545 from Metamask Networks tab.

1) Open terminal and run the development server: truffle develop 2) Connect local-rpc account with MetaMask. Follow this answer on Ethereum StackExchange. This account will have tokens and ether for transactions. 3) Deploy the contracts to the local-rpc: migrate --reset 4) Copy the token address from the terminal:

EIP20: 0x345ca3e014aaf5dca488057592ee47305d9b3e10

5) Paste the token address to src/store/eip20.js where it says:

const tokenAddress = '0x345ca3e014aaf5dca488057592ee47305d9b3e10'
// insert deployed EIP20 token address here

6) Open a new terminal tab and run the webapp: npm run dev

Web App Commands

# install dependencies
$ npm install # Or yarn install

# serve with hot reload at localhost:3000
$ npm run dev

# build for production and launch server
$ npm run build
$ npm start

# generate static project using
$ npm run generate

# lint or lintfix
$ npm run lint
$ npm run lintfix

Truffle Commands

# run contract tests
$ truffle test

# run truffle development mode (run local blockchain)
$ truffle develop

# deploy contracts to local blockchain
$ truffle migrate --reset
$ migrate --reset (when in development mode)


For example purposes this boilerplate uses EIP20 token contracts made by ConsenSys.