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A truffle box to easily start with smart contract deployment on TomoChain.

Testnet and Mainnet networks as well as the 10 TOMO deployment fee are already configured.


Install truffle and truffle HDWalletPriovider.

npm install -g truffle truffle-hdwallet-provider

Open that truffle box.

truffle unbox etienne-napoleone/tomochain-box


Add the mnemonic of your founded account (more than 10 TOMO) to the .mnemonic file.

Attention: A gitignore was automatically created to ignore the .mnemonic file. Please be careful to never version it!


Develop your smart contracts, migrations and tests as usual. You can then deploy directly on the TomoChain network of your choice.

truffle test
truffle compile
truffle deploy --network testnet  # or mainnet