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Truffle React DApp

This project is build for react dapp developing, include solidity contract writing and web3.js API using demo.


demo video


  1. Install Truffle
yarn global add truffle
  1. Download the box with the truffle unbox command.
truffle unbox tpai/truffle-react-dapp
  1. Lauch local blockchain server, you could use truffle develop console, or UI interface Ganache.
truffle develop
  1. Compile and deploy contracts
truffle compile
truffle migrate
  1. Install metamask extension, switch to private network first, and configure custom RPC URL, then use seed phrase to login, you will have first account logged in.
  2. Start web server, visit http://localhost:3000, try to send some ETH and Token from current account to another account and see what happens.
// If this is your first time running the start command, you'll also need to run `yarn` to install the necessary dependencies.
cd client && yarn start