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The truffle-react-redux provide the template(box) for your next dapp with React (and Redux, Route, Internationalization). The template separate the concern of contracts and web frontend as sub projects and include glue scripts to bridge the both sides.


  1. Install Truffle, Lerna, ganachi-cli globally.

    npm install -g truffle lerna ganachi-cli

  2. Download the box. This also takes care of installing the necessary dependencies.

    truffle unbox gasolin/truffle-react-redux

  3. (This step will be done automatically after unbox.) Glue script can help you to install contracts/ and web/ project dependencies at once via lerna bootstrap

    npm run bootstrap
    # or you can install dependency modules in sub projects via separate commands
    cd contracts && npm install
    cd ../web && npm install

Run the test chain

  1. Run the test chain via
npm run chain

The test chain will always start with the same addeess/accounts. Check Test chain detail section for more detail.

Contracts development

Enter contracts/ folder

  1. Run the development console.

    truffle develop

  2. Compile and migrate the smart contracts. Note inside the development console we don't preface commands with truffle. Smart contract changes must be manually recompiled and migrated.

    # If outside the development console..
    npm run build

  3. Glue scripts can copy compiled JSON files into web/src/lib to access contract.

npm run deploy
  1. Truffle can run tests written in Solidity or JavaScript against your smart contracts. Note the command varies slightly if you're in or outside of the development console.
    # If inside the development console.
    # If outside the development console..
    truffle test
    # glue script
    npm run test

Web development

Enter web/ folder

  1. Run the front-end hot reloading in web/ (outside the truffle development console).

    // Serves the front-end on http://localhost:8080
    npm run start

  2. Build the web project for production.

npm run build
  1. Create-react-app can run tests within src/ folder.
npm run test

What Does Truffle-React-Redux offer?

The contracts/ sub project contain normal contracts and was bootstrapped with truffle init command.

The web/ sub project was bootstrapped with Create React App and have pre-configured React and Redux basic settings with react-router and react-intl. You can access the blockchain via pre-configured redux state.web3, state.accounts, state.contracts, state.transactions (via drizzle), or use lib/web3utils directly without redux state.

The template provide top level scripts so you can compile and deploy contracts via npm run compile, npm run migrate commands, or run the app in the development mode via npm start command without enter the sub project folders.


The glue scripts also help manage contracts and web sub projects by install dependency modules and copy compiled JSON into web/src/lib for accessing contracts.


Whole project

  • lerna Manage contracts/ and web/ project.
command description
bootstrap install sub project dependencies
chain run a test chain
compile compile contracts
migrate migrate contracts
start Runs the web dapp in the development mode
publish pump sub project packages version

Contracts sub project

  • truffle: Build, debug, deploy the smart contracts.
command description
truffle compile compile contracts
truffle migrate migrate contracts


Web sub project

command description
npm start Runs the app in the development mode
npm test Launches the test runner in the interactive watch mode
npm test -- --coverage Run test once and show the test coverage


Test chain detail

Available Accounts
(0) 0x1d489c3f8ed5ee71325a847888b2157c9ac29c05 (~100 ETH)
(1) 0x1ce421937a6f59bf58faafe316d23aaed690da18 (~100 ETH)
(2) 0x6dbc30ff01a1066ba5af9dfa7b838f4932995b4b (~100 ETH)
(3) 0x4a6bfc37b3f0f511310e6d0e4dcbdac99f5899c5 (~100 ETH)
(4) 0xfd1f713d6e8101aab1aeaaec4aad7380442d6042 (~100 ETH)
(5) 0x4db199fefe8b4a1cd8027c546519498b75e77292 (~100 ETH)
(6) 0xba27d6c39dfa9d2a42f91aa5043817c325ec7b43 (~100 ETH)
(7) 0x35ace72f822f3adbd4cfa633358d5ed7161fa76e (~100 ETH)
(8) 0x68ad18971b17c434aa39f022451c29bdb99e19bf (~100 ETH)
(9) 0xc6b346f43e3a1a60ef3d378d07486fb518f5eb2b (~100 ETH)

Private Keys
(0) 0xbea70301d065cf7946f25251c73dbfff93d4320715e43bdc0d5087553074cb64
(1) 0x8c90c6365f62ff46b3a04edc5dbae3f401f36a50ce5f6da03ba12c08d8a72478
(2) 0xfa2fe8493616350833f4e8979276e0297dab4db889e18a8a33a49c024d3888f0
(3) 0x52f3756c688192c59d372825a2a581ed685a6efe032a343116cf5ed084f7d713
(4) 0xe7ea2af66e409f10ad4e3a06496b59c230363988879a1609d8fa5414c25feb2a
(5) 0xaab4090f43e729d2d04f34c93ed441c9903be85c0a227922cb66aac705a6a0da
(6) 0x5bbd4586b26aa73bbc162e8ab9e3c13b44fd204434f5fac7d57b256bdae09ef4
(7) 0xf63ca261915e41c1f2dcb8535ce14c5b1e675f3ff01515de820819477d37812c
(8) 0xf15be1c6e435585c3b8e568167dd7067c0fc732422421e1f9f3e437ae65a6ce8
(9) 0x55b842b841e2e082d178d7a63c95288f90bb69354064e75c2e6cb7d94f7ecada

HD Wallet
Mnemonic:      mandate wagon sample embrace law ghost join friend tray onion dose dynamic
Base HD Path:  m/44'/60'/0'/0/{account_index}

Gas Price

Gas Limit

Listening on

Support Developer Team

If truffle-react-redux made your life easier and you like it and want to help us improve it further or if you want to speed up new features, please, support us with a tip. We appreciate all contributions!