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Truffle React TypeScript Template


Getting Started

  1. Install Truffle and an Ethereum client - like EthereumJS TestRPC.
    npm install -g truffle
    npm install -g ethereumjs-testrpc
  2. Launch testrpc.
    testrpc <options>
  3. Migrate the contracts with truffle.
    truffle migrate
  4. Run the webpack server for front-end hot reloading
    npm run dev


This box comes with truffle contracts testing and front-end testing with jest 1. Truffle contract tests

truffle test
1. Jest tests
npm run test

Building for Production

  1. Migrate the contracts with truffle.
    truffle migrate
  2. Create production bundle
    npm run build
  3. The production build will be compiled in the build/app folder.

Directory Structure

  \app (Production app dist )
  \contracts (Migrated contracts)
  \jest (Jest config and polyfills)
\contracts (Solidity source)
\migrations (Migration scripts)
\public (Public html)
\src (React app source)
\test (Contract tests)


  • My imported CSS doesn't work?

I use CSS modules in webpack. If you don't want it, open webpack.config.ts, change modules: true to modules: false under css-loader.

  • Can I change what gets included in the vendor bundle?

Open webpack.config.ts and edit the vendor_bundle array under entry.