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Drizzle Quickstart


Install Drizzle via npm:

npm install --save @drizzle/store

Using React?: The easiest way to get started with Drizzle is to use our official @drizzle/react-plugin package and (optionally) its companion @drizzle/react-components.


Note: Since Drizzle uses web3 1.0 and web sockets, be sure your development environment can support these. As a development blockchain, you'll need ganache-cli v6.1.0+, geth or parity.

  1. Import the provider.

    import { Drizzle } from '@drizzle/store'

  2. Create an options object and pass in the desired contract artifacts for Drizzle to instantiate. Other options are available, see the Options section.

    // Import contracts
    import SimpleStorage from './../build/contracts/SimpleStorage.json'
    import TutorialToken from './../build/contracts/TutorialToken.json'
    const options = {
      contracts: [
    const drizzle = new Drizzle(options)

Note: The above assumes you have no existing redux store and generates a new one. To use your existing redux store, see Using an Existing Redux Store.