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Drizzle Options

  events: {
    contractName: [
  polls: {
    accounts: interval,
    blocks: interval
  web3: {
    fallback: {

contracts (array)

An array of either contract artifact files or Web3 contract objects. The objects have a contractName and web3Contract key.


contracts: [
  truffleArtifact, // A regular Truffle contract artifact
    contractName: 'RegisteredContract',
    web3Contract: new web3.eth.Contract(abi, address, {data: 'deployedBytecode' }) // An instance of a Web3 contract

events (object)

An object consisting of contract names each containing an array of strings of the event names we'd like to listen for and sync with the store. Furthermore, event names may be replaced with an object containing both eventName and eventOptions, where eventOptions field corresponds to the web3 options.

polls (object)

An object containing key/value pairs denoting what is being polled and the interval (in ms). Possible polls are accounts and blocks. Accounts will poll for addresses and balances, blocks for new blocks. Default: { blocks: 3000 }

syncAlways (boolean)

If true, will replay all contract calls at every block. This is useful if your dapp uses a proxy contract which obfuscates your primary contract's address. By default Drizzle checks blocks to see if a transaction interacting with your contracts has occured. If so, it syncs that contract. Default: false

web3 (object)

Options regarding web3 instantiation.

customProvider (object)

A valid web3 provider object. For example, you may wish to programatically create a Ganache provider for testing:

// Create a Ganache provider.
const testingProvider = Ganache.provider({
  gasLimit: 7000000

const options = {
  web3: {
    customProvider: testingProvider

const drizzle = new Drizzle(options)

fallback (object)

An object consisting of the type and url of a fallback web3 provider. This is used if no injected provider, such as MetaMask or Mist, is detected.

type (string): The type of the fallback web3 provider. Currently the only possibility is 'ws' (web socket). Default: 'ws'

url (string): The full fallback web3 provider url. Default: 'ws://'