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Tezos support in Truffle is experimental. Give it a spin, and help us out by filing issues on Github.

Compiling LIGO contracts


All of your contracts are located in your project's contracts/ directory. Tezos contracts are written in LIGO, and all files containing contracts will have a file extension of .ligo.

With the example Truffle Tezos project (created through truffle unbox tezos-example), you're given three contracts, Counter.ligo, Migrations.ligo, and SimpleStorage.ligo.


To compile a Tezos Truffle project, change to the root of the directory where the project is located and then type the following into a terminal:

truffle compile

Upon first run, all contracts will be compiled. Upon subsequent runs, Truffle will compile only the contracts that have been changed since the last compile. If you'd like to override this behavior, run the above command with the --all option.

Build artifacts

Artifacts of your compilation will be placed in the build/contracts/ directory, relative to your project root. (This directory will be created if it does not exist.)

These artifacts are integral to the inner workings of Truffle, and they play an important part in the successful deployment of your application. You should not edit these files as they'll be overwritten by contract compilation and deployment.

All good?

If you've gotten this far, it's time to deploy. Check out our Deploying Tezos Contracts section for more!