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Tezos support in Truffle is experimental. Give it a spin, and help us out by filing issues on Github.

Installing Truffle with Tezos

Installing Docker

Before you can start developing Tezos applications with Truffle, you'll first need to ensure you have Docker installed on your machine. Installing docker let's Truffle easily use the latest LIGO compiler on any platform.

See Docker install instructions for your platform.

Docker on Windows: If you're developing on Windows, you need to install the Docker edge release instead of the mainline docker version. Trust us: This is a better experience.

Other Requirements

  • NodeJS v8.9.4 or later
  • Windows, Linux or Mac OS X

Installing Truffle

You'll need to download a special version of Truffle to use Tezos.

$ npm install -g truffle@tezos

If you already have Truffle installed, we recommend uninstalling truffle before running the above command.

Next step: Create a Truffle project with Tezos

Once you have Truffle and Docker installed, you can move on to creating a Tezos project with Truffle.