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Configuring Visual Studio code for Ethereum Blockchain Development

This post was originally published by David Burela on his blog Burela's House-o-blog. Big thanks to David for allowing us publish it here!

Visual Studio code is a great tool for editing Solidity smart contracts, and is available on Windows, Mac & Linux. There is a great plugin that enables Syntax highlighting, snippets, and compiling of the current contract (if you aren’t using an external tool)

This configuration works really well with Truffle (as shown in the final screenshot). You can read how to install Truffle on Windows in my previous post.

Step 1: Install Visual Studio code

Easy option on Windows: Just install via by using the command

choco install VisualstudioCode –y

Step 2: Install Visual Studio extensions

Go into the extensions section, then install these plugins:

  • Solidity
  • Material Icon Theme image

Step 3: Enable icon theme

Select File –> Preferences –> File Icon Theme. image

Final result: Sexy workspace